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So many subjects so much goddamn time

Goddamn is a great word.

thought 2- On valentines day: I AM ALREADY SICK OF THIS HOLIDAY. Now, I have a boyfriend, I am not very lonely and the Lord knows i like to wear a skirt and buy romantic cards (its true. they are no.28 and 14 on my list) why the resentment? I will tell you why: You gotta make a goddamn dinner reservation. you have to call the right place..not too expensive not too TGIFridays...and you have to make a reservation early, like more than a week before.(which means the woman has to be organized and hip) you gotta make sure that you have a way to get there (damn buick wont start and needs air in the tires every 5 miles, no joke) you have to know the directions, then you have to work out whos paying for what- i do not expect the male to pay regardless, yet the payment-confrontation is the most awkward of all confrontations because serious social norms are being broken. then you gotta make sure you get him a gift. an appropriate male-oriented valentines day gift. the right price equal to what he got you, thoughtful, fun, perfect. what is that gift?????? and it certainly does not help that he is all: "trattoria roma? sounds expensive" "looks like im going to drain my bank account this weekend" and im all like: "you dont have to get me anything" and then hes like: "well no i want to" and so i get him something and tell him about it and hes like "i thought we werent doing this" and then i get confused and he literally says "i dont know whats going on here." I MEAN, WHATS THE DEAL!????!?!?!? all this for the sake of celebrating love? is the problem all of the complex social customs or that thrasher and I are misfits who are both abandoning the norms (me wanting to pay and buy him Chappelle's Show Season 1)?? Or is it that Thrasher and I are cheap and nervous bastards? (your thoughts here_________)

thought 3: I had no idea people were seriously excited about Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. It turns out there are such people. I suppose persons of certain faiths may be particulary moved by it, but I prefer to abstain from movies by insensitive, irresponsible morons. Now this is a big statement so I will back it up.
1. He was forced to delete a scene that was too hurtful to jewish people and may fuel anti-semitism. Now I know shamefully little about Christ's last days, but it seems pretty obvious to me that when you blame Jewish people for the whole shebang you are asking for trouble. From the NYT:

"A scene in the film in which the Jewish high priest Caiaphas calls down a kind of curse on the Jewish people by declaring of the Crucifixtion, "His blood be on us and on our children," will not be in the movie's final version...Jewish leaders had warned that the passage from Matthew 27:25 was the historic source for many of the charges that of deicide and Jews' collective guilt in the death of Jesus."

2. In a New York Times Magazine article last March, Mr. Gibson's father denied the Holocaust took place. WHen asked about it Mel answered that he loved his father. Then the interviewer asked more forwardly: The Holocause happened right? and this is his reply:

"I have friends and parents of friendswho have numbers on their arms. The guy who taught me Spanish was a Holocaust survivor. He worked in a concentration camp in France. Yes of course. Atrocities happened. War is horrible. The second world war killed tens of millions of people. Some of them were Jews in concentration camps. Many people lost their lives. In the Ukraine several million starved to death between 1932 and 1933. During the last century 20 million people died in the Soviet Union.

Clearly he is downplaying it and avoiding a clear and sympathetic answer. Rabbi Hier: "To describe Jewish suffering as 'some of them were Jews in concentration camps' is an afterthought that feeds right into the hands of Holocaust deniers and revisionists."
some guy named Foxman: "at the very least it was ignorant, at the very most its insensitive. and you know what? He doesn't get that either. He doesn't begin to understand the difference between people dying in a famine and people being cremated solely for what they are."

4. Life is so damn comic. I will spare you my cliche rhetoric and go right to the point: i have a lot of time on my hands. i have so much time on my hands that i take naps just to pass the hours. today: decided not to go to my poetry class #1 (personal reasons) (im sick of bulshitting painfully) so here i am with a whole day of nothing before me. i get home (if thats what you call a dorm) at 10:30 or so (took the long Campus Loop) and decided the rest of my day would be spent reading the paper, some Vonnegut, deleting embarassing files from my computer, trip to rag-a-rama and the antique store, then going to a poetry reading at 7 and hopefully toms afterward with keenan. What actually happened: read the paper (2 days worth!) 5 pages of God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, watched half an hour of conan reruns, fell asleep until 5:30, talked onthe phone to carolyn (her roommate/best friend is accusing her and alex of a semen stain on the outside of the shower curtain) then had a meal at the commons. HIGHLIGHTS: the pink dessert at the commons, hearing a sample of all blues by miles davis in art ed, and listening to the white stripes onthe bus (dear god i think i love that band more than life itself. i wish i could date an album) It appears that something is missing. The bitch is, I know myself and if I got a job (its hard getting a job in my opinion!!)or took more classes (hey i tried...) etc. i would still feel the void. the problem now is that now i am so painfully aware of every nuance-- every issue, emotion is ballooned into deep gloom, or evidence of loneliness...or patheticism (not a word). The walls become even more drab, my skin is drier , my writing assignments more doubtful.

hey erin and amanda (if you are reading this) welcome to the friend list! the next entry will be far more pleasant! stay tuned-- the weekend is coming!

-Vanessa "Vshu" Cromer Esq.
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