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Broken strands of Poetry are the best i can do

What a day! heres why: a deep appreciation of being alive-- why? because I can walk without a coat. how liberating!secondly, the unabashed simplicity of that last statement makes being alive 67% better. thirdly, validation that i can write! betsy wheeler the ta personally encouraged Mic Wesson (philosophy major with round lips) and Myself (the english major with carly simon mouth) to continue this poetry path including applying to the 500level writing class that follows this one. I apologize for being so self-congratulatory, but the truth is I need validation, i love validation...unstable self esteem...self conciousness-- all are characteristics of me and im ok with that.
another reason for celebration: GOd I love the fucking Pretenders. (just bought their singles)
reason * - going to thrashers in a half hour or so! he is a great man and a true fit for me. all I can ask is that we appreciate eachother's originality, creativity, spark... or maybe that we have a great time together, or respect eachother... im not sure the x factor that binds two persons but i do know it is not the cliche mystery of 'chemistry' which is sometimes described as lust. most definitely the bind is a fusion of a number of things of course...also, like LOST IN TRANSLATION hints, at the end of the day we are two individuals.
whose lives intersect
hmm is this what i want to say? I do not have time to clarify and create a thesis. i am at a computer lab for chrissakes.

my computer will not turn on. the button is futile. who does this type of thing happen to? keenan? not in this case. its me. is this a metaphor? yes.
so, i really enjoyed reading all of the great posts. i particularly enjoy Sams daring entries, the frankness and clarity of Tom, the positivity and delight in Erins and the meditation and wit of Amanda. thank you all (on my friends list) for your contribution to the human dialogue. i commented on all that could.

Topics of interest:
Valentines Day: so absolutely wonderful. simple. pleasurable. highlights beautiful roses in a vase, i paid for the tip, ate my first olive (hated it) had a fancy italian "squirt" a nice conversation about our top 5 dream jobs, i wore an amazingly short skirt and classy vertical striped express blouse, funky hjigh heels and a purse to die for (you konw the one) -- i dont remember what he wore- - also watched a absolutely fantastic film- o brother where art thou. i will not comment on the sex for the sake of being partially a lady, he showed me (finally) his AMAZING photographs - such depth and texture- and recordings of his high school ska band (i know) JOhnny 2 Tone and the smashers - again, i know- he played the trombone. he is very good. but again its ska. ska that covers the same songs as one of those female bands in 10 things i hate about you. he also gave me a wonderful terquoise ring.
Black Keys Concert: i already wrote a 5 page paper on it so theres not so much left to say except it was alive, wonderful, fresh, everthing you would want ... a duo of drums and guitar. they sound convincingly like Howlin' WOlf.
Conan Weekend: I love conan.

On Poetry: who would have thought the classes that i am taking (eng 260 and 266) would absorb so much of my thought, sleep, ramblings, musings. goddamn it i am choking on it and exhausted by it. do you know how hard it is to say something intelligent, important, fresh through one, or multiple developed and specific images...but without describing (Ezra Pound cries: leave the describing to the artist!) and of course with a certain rhythm, 'flow' --- no end-stops, tedium, repetition (no wait thats good its a anaphan!) and sometimes you have to follow other rules too- like 10 syllables per line with 5 stressed, 5 unstressed and make sure the first one is stressed always but sometimes you can do the second one ....ok doyou get the point?

anyways i have to develop strategies to motivate me:
1. Writing Poetry is like trying to conceive a child. you have to do it as often and for as long as possible without protection.
(self-conssciousness, doubt is protection --- hey im trying to link this shit)

2. Since i lack any musical ability, this is my chance to write songs! to ROCK OUT cerebreally (word?)
patti smith started as a poet at Tuesday open mics at CBGB back when winos and hells angels hung out was not well received so she added a guitar. the rest is history. shes odd, shes thin.

something: my mom said i reminded her of jennifer aniston's character in ALong CAme Polly. this is due to her long messy brown hair, style, quirkiness, apartment decor. i think thats it. please let me know if you have seen this movie so we can compare notes.

I do not want to graduate college. I understand this is a cliche thought for sophomores or freshmen, but i have a feeling that it will not change that considerably in time. im an english major with unenthusiastic hopes of teaching high school. the reason that i dont want to graduate is a notion i think a lot of you out there may identify. LIke the Architect, the POli sci, womens studies, soc., philosophy major or the Artist, I am captured by great ideas and a sky of inspiration. to be more specific every new poet i learn about, great book, author, or even my own original thought reminds me of what it is i love. to graduate means giving all of that up for mediocrity and conventionalism. again to be more specific, graduating means putting down Emerson to cut coupons.
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