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A response to the head in my head

Where do I begin?

Heres one -
I think Flea and Meg White should collaborate on something. THey are both the forgotten sidekicks caught up in something bigger than themselves. like most of us are. They have lovely subtle voices. listen to COld, COld Night and Pea and you will find out where the w.m.d's are.

Another thing:
What is up with keenan's friday post? I've heard of random, shit I AM random but that was bordering on republican, which is much harder to understand. of course Kerry would like to cut the deficit in half in his term. so would bush and anyone else for that matter. and its easy when you promise tax cuts to the wealthy that will go into effect long after you are out of office and cut all sorts of programs repeating the mantra No child is left behind. (except that they are)
also, Carol Mosely Braun hasnt been a presidential candidate for months now.

Thrasher is voting for Bush now. Coincidentally we are not doing so hot. He goes home for one weekend and comes back a republican. I guess his dad convinced him he has a good economic policy. job loss is great for the economy isn't it? also that kerry's 4,000$ a student state college plan wont work. I told him, at least he has a plan.
anyways the thing is i havent been able to convince him of anything for alll of the 8 months we've been together. i am not talking politics i am talking a never-ending stream of playful arguments that never substantiate into conversations.
and i am reminded we have little in common. he likes cats I like dogs. he is catholic i am athiest. he was the fat kid in middle school (in his own words) i was the tall skinny one. im for kerry hes for bush. and musically, where its really important, we barely overlap in the categories of Clash and jazz.
but he is very good to me.

anyways i will finish this later. i have ameeting with a poetry teacher. the next post will be full of lollipops and blowjobs and daffodils the way it should.

one last thought from
woody allen in Hannah and her Sisters:
"If jesus came down to earth and saw the things going on in his name he would never stop throwing up"
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