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pleasant thursday pie

From an English Professor of mine, in an e-mail to me:
I was relaying what has become a commonplace observation about the
issue of identity more or less since Michel Foucault's History of Sexuality.
Identity used to be most simply defined in religious terms--we are our
souls, given by God at birth and potentially redeemable at death. Also, in
earlier social stages, people were identified by their place in the social
order, from kings to serfs, and including people like Smiths. Later social
class, family lineage & wealth became defining characteristics. With the age
of psychoanalysis people became identified with their subconscious, and as
Freud explored the subconscious it was increasingly seen as defined by erotic
drives. Towards the end of the nineteenth century legions of "sexologists"
began characterizing distinct sexual types, conferring an idea of sexual
identity for the first time. Obviously, what I've just written is a crude
overview, but you might want to read Foucault on the subject. And if you're
interested in pursuing current notion of the self & of identity, I could
suggest some other books as well.
David Riede

Aren't the desires of human beings far too complex for characterization? Isn't this the main problem with homosexual marriage - that we are calling them homosexuals rather than by their first names?
Personally, I am bored with the laundry list of labels that follow my name. If our sexual drives can be displayed the same as our gender and nationality, what's next? our dreams? the way we think? in pictures or words, sounds or blurs... There were no homosexuals before the age of Freud, so God and His Biblemen simply could not outlaw their marriages.

Today is a sad day. The last day of Art Ed 160, a wonderful, sentimental class that you all would enjoy. Luckily, today was also the day we covered Radiohead. We watched the Just (you do it to yourself) video which is truly magnificent. If you have seen it, let's set up a discussion for it, starting with these question: why was the man lying on the sidewalk? more importantly, do you think the reason he is lying on the sidewalk inconsequential to the fact that his lying on the sidewalk (in a business suit no less) caused such a stir.

we are having some poetry reading in class and we get to eat candy and snap. Finally college is what it is dreamt to be.

i am also having a good hair day.
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