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Soldier on, soldier

I come back to live journal from an extended absence (IM AT WORK RIGHT NOW PLAYAS) and find Tom singing the hills are alive with the sound of music, and keenan throwing dead puppies to the wayside. And then there's the abstract simplified conversation about doing something 'important' in our lives. anyways I replied to a post of conans, which was a reply to nathans post, which was inspired by tom's initial post with all the questions. im sure you are all sick of the topic, and honestly i didnt have time to read all of nathans and toms posts (IM AT WORK RIGHT NOW PLAYAS) but i replied to conan, and it took so much time and energy (i made an outline on scrap paper. hey im weird and bored and slow) so im putting it in my post so people will see it.

subject: Where's Marx when you need him?
"I always struggled with the idea that some people seem to do things that are more important than other people. It sounds kind of elitist, but most of us, for example, would think that a doctor does much more important work than a garbage man. " Thats called social stratification and its what America/capitalism is founded on. Not to mention one of the key characteristics of human culture. So its not just 'your struggle' dude.

also "we owe it to our society and to our community and to eachother to get off our asses and go into the world, do the best job we can do" I would argue that we don't really owe anything. Every job we could have serves some function- the garbage man, the teacher, the doctor, the maintenance man, mailperson. Therefore, how can we be in debt to the society that we perpetuate? I know that this is not news to you. But I would argue that of those jobs are 'fully involved in the world around us."

Here is the problem with your argument, and the main issue with stratification. On the one hand you criticize the elitism of social stratification ("your struggle") and on the other hand you imply that in order to be important/valued we need to fulfill the elite positions (we owe it to do the best we can do..fulfill civic duties).


Friday Kate and Conan are coming home. Kate expects a ticker tape parade and Conan expects a party in his honor. Both of them will receive a noogie and a coupon.

I was replying to Keenans post which was a very personal one. I was thinking about why I replied the way I did (no comfort, just discussion in how I understood as much as I can). I nkow this is no revolutionary news, but when I thought about why that was the best approach I was reminded at how yesterday, my coworker Christine confided to me that she is an over-thinker, hopelessly self-concious and cerebral. (ok those were not her exact words but you get the point). and that couldnt have made me happier. although i differ from her in that I dont mind sitting in the vertical-alligned seats on the bus, requiring me to inadvertently stare at people and I have no problem nodding off like a fool in class, I was so happy to know that I am not alone in my analyzations and dumb social worries. and gene's story about the cafeteria (a classic) serves just the same purpose. I ve retold it on several occasions.

i am going to faint today i know it. i havent eaten, went to bed at 4:30 and yesterday all I ate were cheez-it twisters (in 2 flavors, cheddar and more cheddar) wheat thins, choc pudding, a yogurt and m and ms. i also have to put a trash bag in my trash can to prepare for the vomit later tonight.

its raining and thundering and i am thinking of poor keenan right now.

-Vanessa Wyclef Jean
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