Vanessa Cromerica (vshu) wrote,
Vanessa Cromerica

Me me me conan does this check out

I have issues with...

also my stupid test results:
· Confident and driven
· Enthusiastic, energetic _ _ _ a fervent believer and promoter
· Like challenges and people
· Intends to be friendly and social, tends to be bossy and controlling
· Has strong feelings and opinions about other people
· Sees self as committed to relationships but distrusts others intentions
· Wants to be flexible, tends to be closed to compromise and unyielding
· May say or do things that (unintentionally) hurt or embarrass others
· Tough-minded and inflexible; sees self as more flexible and open-minded
· Very decisive; impatient, in a hurry; very high sense of urgency
· A risk-taker; likes excitement; enjoys challenging projects and tasks
· Likes to be creative, innovate
· Unconventional, non-conforming, rebellious
· Sets high standards; persistent and determined
· Likes to think; likes to find and solve problems; likes to learn
· Sees self as cooperative; but not generally the profile of a team player
· Intends to be a good listener to others, tends to be preoccupied with own agenda
Likes to laugh, clever, can be quick-witted
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