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paid the cost to be the vshu

What is the deal with days?
This one keeps going from bad to good and back again. lets recap.

(-) woke up to find that the roommates threw away my poster of intolerable cruelty that I liked.
(-) the dumb guy that keeps writing stuff about me on my dry erase board revised his comment to read : vanessa is so hot way out of my league - but only when she dolls herself up.
wtf? i dont want to feel like i have to put makeup and high heels on walking to the elevator in the lamest dorm on campus otherwise i will suffer a bad review. so i erased it and wrote: Don't look at me
(+) i got 2 big juices instead of one at oxleys for 1 meal plan
(+) it was a beautiful day! hot
(-) i was wearing jeans instead of shorts or a skirt.
(+) job interview at long's went well. i answered the bullshit questions well. i think that is an unsung asset. the guy liked volleyball a lot. also, kaity told me people who worked there said i was too hot to work there. great now I have to doll myself up to get a good review just because I came in there once with a revealing shirt on.
(-) the job is only for two weeks
(-) the other job at the office has yet to call me back
(+) went to kaitys to get my bike. she told me to call her at nine so we can go to gabe's to party. YALL BETTER BE UP FOR THIS- I KNOW CONAN AND AMANDA ARE!!
(+) tanning is always a plus. if fake sunlight can do it to you think about what the real sun can do! i suspect i am the only one at the place that changes the personal readio to NPR. keenan- chuck close was on! listen to it online if you wish. it was pretty good. they gave barbarian invasions and of course fog of war A's. conan and lauryn- the reviewers kept comparing mcnamara to rumsfeld. they also quoted eliot the director from the academy awards acceptance speech. it was gold of course. RABBIT HOLE = IRAq.
(-) i go to comp lab for lj catch up and I read keenans and immediately assume i have offended him. i get upset with myself.
(+) i read on and see conan's entry which he was probably mostly responding to.
(-) no one tried a hand at my lyric match em up. was it too hard? ok i will put the song titles. also, i assume its because you all do not have the type of time on your hands that I set aside for live journal. this is understandable. but i guess I was wrong about you all liking blowjobs, daffodils and coupons. (nazis)
(-) goddamn macs (im sorry they happen to be macs, and difficult to use ones at that) at the ramseyer hall computer lab stopped working. the guy asked me how long I needed to be there because he needed to shut down the computers because it was too hot for them to operate. wtf its 70 degrees! so i lost an entry and had to write it again (second time that has happened there!)now i am at the lamest computer lab with the lamest computers- science and tech.

i havent eaten since noon. what will this day bring?? are my shorts in my drawer? when will I see conan? wont someone please take a stab at my lyric match em up?

these questions and more will be answered in the following life of Vanessa "the tool man" Cromer

p.s. unrelated note- people who give blow jobs for 40 minutes (all through 11 oclock news and leno's monologue) should receive the nobel peace prize no questions asked.
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